What is a Pocket Livery?
A Pocket Livery is a minimalist wallpaper for your phone, inspired by the world of motorsport.

How do I download them?
Select a wallpaper and a page will open with the full image. Tap and hold on an image to save it. 

How do I set the wallpapers on my phone?
iOS instructions
Android instructions

How big are the images?
1080px wide, 1920px tall.

Do you take requests?
I don't, sorry. If you have any good ideas though, send me a tweet.

I want to share screenshots online, what's the hashtag?
#pocketliveries - Twitter
#pocketliveries - Instagram

How are Pocket Liveries created?
The development process and a timelapse video can be found below, outlining how a new Pocket Livery is born. 

Any trademarks, logos, and brand names represented in these illustrations are the property of their respective owners. No connection with any company is to be implied unless otherwise stated.

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