Pocket Liveries is a project I initially came up with in late 2012, the basic idea being to create minimalist, motorsport-themed wallpapers for your phone. With the redesign of PJTierney.net in early 2019 I wanted to revisit this project and decided to create Pocket Liveries for every Formula 1 car that will compete during the 2019 World Championship season.
Due to their minimalist nature, Pocket Liveries take a relatively short amount of time to create. The most basic designs can be done in 10 minutes while more elaborate ones take upwards of an hour. I see them as a fun and simple way to work on a design project with a short turnaround. The goal of each is to capture the essence of the racing car depicted in as simple and effective a way as possible, using flat colours only and no gradients.
Each Pocket Livery project begins by examining the car it is based on, and identifying the key aspects of that car's racing livery. Are there blocks of colour in specific areas? Does the livery have a unique element that draws attention? These are the kinds of questions I ask myself before choosing a design direction.
From there the project moves into Adobe Illustrator, where it begins to take shape. Throughout the process I pay attention to the location of key lines and elements, and where they would rest on a user's screen. It is impossible to create a single image that works flawlessly across all phone and icon layouts, so I base it on my own, the iPhone 5S. If the design permits it, elements are usually placed so that app icons or the lock screen clock are not obstructed by the illustration behind them.
Once a design is completed it is then uploaded to PJTierney.net and shared on social media. All designs are freely available to download.
Creation Process Timelapse
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Mobile Wallpapers
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